5 Health Benefits of Jamun or Black Plum

  • 1) Controlling diabetes

    This fruit will keep maintain your blood sugar level while giving you the necessary nutrition. It has a low glycaemic index, making it a superior option for diabetics.

  • 2) Increasing the production of hemoglobin

    This fruit is high in iron, Jamun fruit offer a source of iron that aids the production of healthy blood cells.

  • 3) Prevents from Infection

    Availability of some good acids makes it capable as an anti-malarial, anti-infective and antibacterial.

  • 4) Treating sore throat and cough

    vitamin C found in Jamun fruit helpful in treating sore throat and preventing severe cough and cold.

  • 5) Improve Digestion

    Jamuns are low on calories, which make them the ideal healthy snack. They also aid digestion and support natural bowel movement.

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